The Rev. Wren preparing for a virtual celebration of mass on Christmas Eve, 2020.

I am Katherine Wren. I am a chocolate connoisseur, a soup enthusiast, an occasional ivory tickler, a forever alto masquerading as a soprano, and I have many stories to tell, none of which have been written yet. So while I rescue the story I am trying to currently write from the hundreds of other plot bunnies flumphing about in my head, I read. Reading, I have found, is the perfect excuse for not writing. After all, reading other people’s stories is research for my own, right? It’s still aiming toward the goal, right?

I am also attempting to divorce myself from my lifelong dependency on productivity. For someone working as both a high school history teacher and parish priest, productivity is both a virtue and a vice. I am slowly learning that everything need not be productive, and yet here I am, blogging away, because I am not sure what to do with myself when I am still. I am forever a work in progress.

So I read; voraciously. It’s an escape and a rest which I allow myself, usually without too much guilt. It’s also a way to stretch and grow out of my own comfort, to better the ways in which I work toward justice and peace and strive to uphold the dignity of every person.

I want to experience everything, every possible place on earth, every possible life to be lived, everything to be tasted, explored, and loved. Books, of course, are the perfect way to do that.

So welcome to the blog. We’re going to set the world on fire, suck the marrow out of life; all that good stuff. Or perhaps we’ll nap and curl up on the couch with a good book. It’s all the same, right?