Hope Never Dies: An Obama / Biden Mystery by Andrew Shaffer

“Barack once told me that, at the end of the day, every one of us is just part of a long-running story. All we can do is try to get our paragraph right.”

– Andrew Shaffer, “Hope Never Dies”


If you’re wanting a serious mystery, then Hope Never Dies is not for you. Not that the mystery isn’t good or up to par, of course, but this book is definitely more than a little on the silly side. That’s okay. It’s meant to be. I found this book on the library shelves when I was in need of a little silly in my life. It delivered.

The mystery starts when one of the conductors on Joe Biden’s Amtrak line dies under rather mysterious circumstances. A map to Biden’s house is found in his pockets. It’s been months since the 2016 election and Biden is still struggling to find himself in his new role, or rather lack of one. He’s not sure what to do with himself and he jealously watches his former best friend, Barack Obama, hobnob with celebrities and enjoy his time out of the political spotlight. Without his best friend and without his secret service detail, Biden feels lonely and out of sorts.

But a desire to clear his old friend’s name after his death rouses Biden out of his stupor. With some help from Renegade (Obama) and a few secret service agents, old Joe Biden just might ride into adventure again.

This book will take our heros through sketchy neighborhoods, biker bars, seedy motels, opioid dens, and on SO MANY Amtrak trains. Buckle up. It’s going to be a weird ride.

Firstly, whoever made this cover deserves a medal. Isn’t it glorious?

Okay, now to the book.

This is the Obama/Biden mystery you didn’t know you needed. And to be fair, the book isn’t great. Maybe it’s good? Possibly? But it’s campy ridiculousness and if you can get over the hurdle of wanting to overanalyze the characters, especially Obama, then you’ll enjoy this. It’s not deep writing. It won’t bog you down in politics. If you’re wanting an escape from reality with your favorite Uncle Joe, then here you go!

“There are certain things worth getting mad about. Injustice is one of them. The greatest sins on this earth are committed by people of standing and means who abuse their power.”

– Andrew Shaffer, “Hope Never Dies”


  • It’s crack fan fiction, but it’s fun, engaging, and has campy opening.
  • This book has a decent mystery plot.
  • Biden’s inner voice and one liners are *chef’s kiss* perfect


  • The middle of the story gets a bit dull.
  • The book is probably longer than it needed to be.
  • Obama isn’t particularly well characterized. For that matter, Biden probably isn’t either, but he reads like a fully fleshed out character when Obama does not.


  • ⭐⭐⭐

“The moral arc of the universe bends toward justice, but sometimes the universe needs a little help.”

– Andrew Shaffer, “Hope Never Dies”

Recommended For:

  • Fans of Joe Biden
  • Those just wanting a light hearted mystery that will make them laugh

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Let’s Discuss! (Pick a question and drop a comment with your reply!)

  • Have you ever read fan fiction, either about real life people or about your favorite books, movies, or tv shows? What do you think about the genre?
  • Is it alright for an author to write a book with a parody of a real person without that real person’s permission?

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