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Let’s pick your next five star read:

If your TBR stack is so high that you can’t see over the top of it and you find yourself paralyzed to pick your next book, here are some fun ideas to help you find your next five star read.

  1. Find yourself in a reading slump or with a book hangover? Choose a book by your favorite author or a nice, nostalgic re-read.
  2. Can’t choose between two books? Turn to page 41 (not too far in to spoil plot, but far enough in for the book to have found its pace) and read the first paragraph on the page. Which is most interesting? Go with that one first!
  3. Want a challenge? Try a book challenge. Read all about the ones I will try to complete in 2022 below. Find a prompt that fits your mood or your bookshelf and dive in!
  4. Feeling old fashioned? Write some of your TBR book titles on individual post it notes and put them in a jar or hat. The first one you pull out is your next read!
  5. No thoughts, head empty? Let me pick your next read! Go to the blog and choose a review. You can go to the latest, the one closest to your birthday, or choose randomly!

Wren’s 2022 Book Challenges:

Want to challenge yourself to read one meaningful book a week in 2022? This is the perfect challenge for you!

You can read one prompt per week, or go at your own speed and try to be an early finisher. If you’re worried that you might not be able to get through 52 whole books in a single year, see if you can double up on prompts!

Click here to see what books Wren is using for each challenge. If these don’t appeal to you, click here for a direct link to the challenge website and a curated Goodreads list for each of the 52 prompts.

Let me know if you choose to join in on this challenge. I’d love to see what books you discover.

I’ve been a fan of the Always Fully Booked reading planner by Little Inklings Design for several years now. Their full planners sell out early, but she frequently restocks The Novel Companion in various designs.

Here are the challenges I’m trying from this year’s planner. I tried to overlap as much as possible with the 52 Book Club challenge so that I’d still have some time and space to read and review Advanced Reader’s Copies of soon to be published books.

The planner includes an Always Fully Booked Challenge with 30 prompts, an A to Z challenge (extra fun if you don’t include titles that begin with “a” or “the”, a book cover color challenge, a genre reading challenge, an on the title challenge, and a world map challenge.

This planner is a reader’s DREAM. This year I’m only using mine for reading and writing related tasks and accomplishments. The humdrum of daily living isn’t touching this beauty.

You’ll see plenty of the weekly spreads in my blog posts!

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