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WeWork vs. Workbar for Teams

Teams working together at Workbar

You may have heard that coworking giant WeWork filed for bankruptcy. And while Michael Scott made a lot of us think that was an easy out, it’s actually a complicated business decision with far-reaching implications. Some people are questioning whether it’s a sign that our industry is faltering, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not to brag, but Workbar is better than ever, and it’s because we never focused on making the place you work the place you party. 

Our intentionally designed spaces and regional density of locations set Workbar apart from WeWork in all the ways that benefit YOU and your team. Your new office is waiting - we saved you a seat.


Work Your Day, Your Way

Get out of the tight, unproductive glass cube that WeWork offers and get the gang back together at Workbar. Instead of a cramped office with no breakout space, enjoy our open coworking neighborhoods that allow you to collaborate, or work independently in the environment that suits your mood. Need some time to collab with the team? Head to The Commons. Need to make some calls? Close those deals in The Switchboard. And when you’re ready for some heads-down work, you can head to The Study or your spacious private office. All of our spaces have designated noise levels, so you know what you’re getting into when you settle in with your stuff.

The space you need, when you need it

Don’t suffer the indiginity of standing outside a meeting room waiting for it to open up. Workbar’s phone booths and meeting rooms are all bookable online, and there’s always space when you need it. That’s because we planned it that way, with a room to member ratio thats three times as high as WeWork’s. Not to brag or anything, but we will always help you get it done. 

Coworking the Workbar way

Look. Ping pong is fun. Parties are fun. And those cool looking couches and swinging chairs have their place, but work ain’t it. We promise that when you come to work at Workbar, you’ll be supported to do just that. The party atmosphere you might want to avoid from WeWork just doesn’t exist at Workbar. But we’re still having fun! You’ll be amazed at how much joy and inspiration you’ll find coworking with us, in ergonomic, comfortable furniture to boot. The ole’ bump-and-connect without the incessant ping-pong volleys in the background. 

Maximize flexibility AND your budget

With out network of spaces, you’re not just getting an office. You’re getting access to 11 amenity-rich locations. Your team can go to any location to maximize their productivity, while you are maximizing your budget. A company with up to 100 employees will cut their costs by more than half by signing up for a mix of coworking and office memberships for all employees. The math is mathin’, as the cool kids say. Take a look at these comparisons:

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Ready to bring your team to Workbar? Great, because we saved you a seat.