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Workbar Helps Kymanox Find Their Home Away from Headquarters

Named one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in the Research Triangle, with a mothership headquartered in North Carolina, Kymanox was in the market for a hybrid working solution for its distributed Boston-based life science teams. The company had a large presence in Boston, also known as, not to brag, the epicenter of the life science industry, and having each team member working in a silo from home just wasn’t going to cut it. You know what does cut it, though? Spoiler alert -  it’s Workbar. 

Kymanox provides its clients in the combination products, biologics, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries with support from early development to post-market. They help bring products from bench to patient, and when your company is the leading expert in these solutions, you need a workspace that can keep up.

In 2022, Kymanox sought a workspace strategy that could accommodate their team's varying needs, from quiet spaces for focused work to collaborative spaces for group projects. The company also needed a space that could grow and change as its business needs evolved. Workbar was the perfect solution for Kymanox. “Using Workbar works for us,” Manager of Accounts Myra Astorga said. “With so many locations in and around Boston, our entire Boston-based team could work where they wanted to.”

With a variety of workspace options, including private offices, open coworking areas, and conference rooms, Workbar offered the flexibility that the Boston-based teams needed while maintaining the organizational control that was important to the executives based in North Carolina. The company could choose the workspace that best suits their needs at any time without worrying about long-term leases or commitments. And as an extension of the company’s brand, the aesthetic doesn’t hurt, either. “I love how light and airy the space is,” Principal Program Manager Frank Harrington said. “The common areas are welcoming and open, and there is a good surrounding infrastructure for when out-of-town colleagues visit.”

“It’s a good feeling to know someone is there to handle any issues... I love the Community Managers at all of the locations. I make friends with all of them!”

Myra Astorga - Manager, Accounts at Kymanox

Solutions for the Whole Team

Finding a Workplace that Meets Everyone's Needs

Kymanox joined Workbar as a TeamShare member and, before long, added a more permanent home in one of Workbar’s Enterprise Suites in Woburn. The team knows they can rely on Woburn’s Community Manager, Eric, to lend the support they need whenever needed!

At Workbar, Community Managers’ main focus is hospitality. Their main objective is to make everyone that comes through the door feel welcome. We’re glad to know it’s working.

Astorga takes advantage of the reciprocity her company’s Woburn membership offers at all other Workbar locations. She uses the Boston locations if she needs to be in the city for a client meeting or heads into Needham, the closest location to her home, when she needs to get out of the house during the isolating winter months. “I love that I can access any location as needed,” she said. “I can book conference rooms in advance and set up anywhere with a monitor to get my work done.”

It's great to have a point of contact on-site all the time

Frank Harrington - Principal Program Manager

Dedicated Enterprise Suite

Beautiful Office Space Plus Access to a Network of Workspaces

Kymanox found that Workbar was the perfect solution for their hybrid working model. With various workspace options and the technology infrastructure centered around the importance of being together, they need to work efficiently. The company could focus on its core business without worrying about the physical logistics of its remote team. Whether they’re an engineer, researcher, or account executive, the Boston-based Kymanox team finds a productive home at Workbar. 

I love that I can access any location as needed!

Myra Astorga

By The Numbers

Number of Employees: ~200
Employees in Greater Boston: ~25
Workbar Locations Accessed: 5

Kymanox could focus on its core business without worrying about the physical logistics of its remote team.

Team Solutions

Your team will thank you

Our flexible membership options coupled with our long list of amenities allows companies to have a home base away from headquarters that keeps them supported, productive, and most importantly, happy!